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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tool #1: Getting Started - Creating your Blog!

First Impressions 

This is actually the third blog that I have created. A few years ago, I used a blog with my German IV-V AP class. At two week intervals, I posted a question, quote or comment. The students were required to respond to the post. They were able to read all other comments and discuss the topic. It worked pretty well, although some students had to be prodded to participate. After a while, I lost interest in the project.

This "blogger" blog seems much more clumsy to set up and edit, and it seems to be much less attractive than the Wordpress blog I had before. It has taken me much more time and I'm not particularly satisfied with the results. Maybe I just need to practice more. Instead of recording my voice, I added an MP3 file.


  1. I remember that! You were one of the only teachers on campus that was blogging with students. You do so much with your students - you are way ahead of the curve on this. I'm sure you will breeze through the rest of the tools. Hopefully our colleagues will check out your blog - I'm sure you will teach'em a thing or two :)

  2. Great Avatar...think it was talking about a grandmother??? Anyhow,at least you are on your way with this.

    1. Yes, she was talking about her grandmother, a sound file from the chapter on relatives. Better than the sound of my own voice.